Furniture Removals Clyde

Furniture Removals Clyde

What makes Gil Dyer & Sons the best choice for furniture removals in Clyde ?

Gil Dyer & Sons is based in Dandenong in close proximity to Clyde. we have been moving houses in the area since 1966 and in that time have become a leading supplier in the services that we offer. Clyde town centre is located around the fire station near Ballarto road only 15 minutes from our base location, saving you money in base to base transit times and making Gil Dyer & Sons the perfect choice for your move. Our fixed price quote represents the total cost of your move there are no extras such as Fuel Levy and Insurance costs to add to the price. Gil Dyer & Sons can provide short or long term storage of your items in our industry leading modular storage system. This is often used where settlements are not on the same day. The items can be stored overnight or for a few days without having to use a fixed self storage location. Ask our representative about this when getting your quote.

Our 50 years of experience ensure that your move will be a stress free experience for you and that all your valuables will arrive at the destination in the same shape as it was in your home prior to being loaded. This move will be one of the biggest challenges in your life so why leave it to amateurs. Your items are valuable and your memories are precious so let us take care of them for you. All quotes are written and fixed price so why not get us to quote there is no cost for this and no obligation.

We offer a complete packing service as well where our team of ladies will pack everything for you prior to the move and unpack everything at the completion of your move. Packing is usually done one or two days before your move and unpacking the day after your move. Talk to our representative to discuss this option. Whether your moving with Clyde itself or across the state or even interstate we can help you.

For further information / appointment, call us on 1800 667 066. Alternatively, you can email us or use our Online Quote Form.

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